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The VASERShape system was recently awarded the prestigious Tiffany Award for scientific excellence. See the press release here.

Originally designed and manufactured in Florence, Italy, the MC-1 has been used by hundreds of physicians and technicians around the world to achieve excellent results. Brought to the U.S. by Sound Surgical Technologies, Inc. a leading manufacturer and distributor of ultrasonic body contouring technologies, the VASERShape MC-1 uses a combination of high-frequency sound waves and zonal lymphatic massage.

Spectrum of Beauty is the first and only company in Hawaii to bring you this fantastic tool for body contouring and for the temporary reduction of the appearance of cellulite.

The VASERShape works by using ultrasound waves to generate a localized heat below the skin. This heat, combined with the wave energy from the ultrasound, breaks apart larger fat cells which allows the smaller fat particles to be absorbed by the body's own lymphatic system. The body's lymphatic system removes toxins, excess fluids and waste from the body by moving unwanted waste particles through the lymph nodes to the blood stream, where these substances can be filtered out of the body.

A critical step in the process is the lymphatic massage at the start and conclusion of each treatment which assists in draining these excess fat cells.